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3 Ways For Having a Fresh Start In 2019

Every year we all begin with our list of new resolutions, new goals and new perspectives. How often do we repeat some of the same resolutions over and over again each year? I am guilty of this myself. But if there is one thing that I'd like to share with you today is that, it is all very well possible! In fact, the secret to staying on track is the mentality that you have for your life. I understand that life happens, I understand that circumstances happen and I understand that there will be days for which we lose track of it all and simply want to give up. I am sure that many of you have heard about life being our school and we are the students. Life will have its challenges, its bad moments and great moments as well, but the real question is, how can we stay on track aside from all that happens around us? To help you get off on the right foot, I have put together for you, 3 ways that will help you have a fresh start for this new year!

1. Accept what is and don't fight what you cannot change.

Most people are not necessarily happy with where they are in life nor are they happy with their circumstances. Some people always find themselves wanting more and more in life not realizing that what they have is enough. Realizing that what you have is enough, accepting that your path is unique and not comparing yourself to other people is one way that will help you have a fresh start to this new year. Perhaps you couldn't do all that you wanted to do in 2018 and you are being hard on yourself for it, well, put that in the past and learn that no day will every be the same and if you want for things to be better in your life, accept where you are now and know that although you cannot change some things in your life, you can learn from them, grow from them and certainly face this new chapter in your life with gratitude, compassion and strength.

2. Become your own priority.

How many times do we put bills first, other people first, or even our jobs first? I am guilty of this especially because I tend to think that I can always come back to myself "later.....". Here is the secret to living a little bit on the stress free side.... become your own priority! My goal for you is that you put your name as #1 on your to- do list every day as one of your priorities. I say that because it is crucial for you to take care of yourself on a deeper level so that you are able to connect better with your feelings, emotions and thinking. Bills will always be there, it is something we all have and

for many it is part of life. Other people will only love you more when you begin to love yourself more because they will see a better version of yourself. In terms of your workplace, you cannot do a great job when your health and concentration is all over the place. I cannot emphasize the importance of spending some time on yourself as you would for anything else that mattered to you because without the best and healthier version of yourself, there is not much that will get done and you will be showing up everyday as ordinary versus extraordinary! Put yourself first and see how much better you will feel, how clearer you will think and how great you will look to everyone you encounter.

3. Leave the baggage back in 2018.

For some, 2018 wasn't the easiest and if that includes you, one recommendation for you is that you leave everything that happened in the past, in the past. This is one of the hardest things to do because our minds always wander to the "what ifs," to the "why," and to the, "if only..." thoughts. Well, enough is enough. Stop dwelling on the thoughts of what you could have done different because it is done. 2018 had great moments and it had bad moments for most of us but you cannot start a blank new page in your life when there is still attachment to your past. If something is meant to happen for you, it will happen. If someone is meant to come back into your life then it will happen. If you are meant to be somewhere, then life will work in your favor. Do not overthink, or over analyze anything that doesn't benefit you. Be a little selfish and worry about you, do things for you and be happier for you! Your happiness will only keep you younger, happier and healthier!

My wish for you is that this becomes the best year of your life and that it is filled with happiness, success and good health. Remember, every choice and decision you make is in your hands. If it is not going to benefit you then it is not worth your time. Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually and physically so that you are able to help others get on the same track as you and if you can change someone else's life, that is by far one of the most rewarding experiences this new year can bring to you! Happy 2019 and cheers to a new you and a new beginning!

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