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Be Selective of Your Tribe

Have you ever had to relocate to a new job, neighborhood, city, or school? Did you feel like you had to start all over again with having to meet people? Engage with people? Start a new group of friends? It is certainly not easy to have to get out there and start meeting people. What is even harder is having to meet people who resonate with you, who are on the same vibration frequency as you are in life and who are always wanting the best for you. These are the type of people who are often difficult to encounter especially because they are very unique.

However, I wanted to remind you today of becoming more selective with the people in your life. I say this for multiple reasons. One of them being, so that you are able to become stronger when feeling weak, to help you see the best of you when you cannot do that for yourself and who genuinely want your happiness. These are the people that regardless of where you move to or start new, will always be there for you! It is important for us to be picky as to who we choose to affiliate ourselves with because our energies feed off from those whom we spend a lot of time with. We also pick up ideas, thoughts and feelings from those around us and for that reason, we want to be able to choose to be among people with good energy, good vibes and good thoughts.

Friends, mentors and coaches are some of the best remedies to be able to turn to in times of need. The question is how do you know who your true friends are and how do you make the decision of keeping them in your tribe? These are not easy questions to think about, but, you definitely want to look for a pattern of consistency when deciding who your true friends are. What I mean by that is, those people who often take a moment of their day or week or possibly month to check in on you and who care about what is going on in your life are the people you want to be sure to consider being around more. It is those people who genuinely care for you and are simply not your friends so that you can benefit them in some way, shape or form. These are the people that want to see you prosper in life. With that being said, when you really want something or love something or someone, what is the number one thing that we as human beings look for? If you've answered "consistency," we are on the same page. When you pursue and surround yourself with positive consistency, people who are like you and want to learn about you, you realize that your life, thoughts and energy changes.

Just like with anything in life, the more you become selective as to who you want in your life, the happier your life will be. Don't choose to settle with anyone or anything in life. Decide to become more selective with everything you want because when you do, you will realize that you have gained the knowledge of who YOU are as a person. Remember, it all starts with YOU!

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