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Becoming Best Friends with your Fears

Have you ever feared anything in your life? I mean is that even a question? If not, I would like to MEET YOU! As human beings, I think that we have all had that part of us where we are faced with new experiences, new challenges and new opportunities. With that being said, these moments in our lifetime can certainly create fear and/or anxiety.

See, fear for me has been with me since I was the age of 14 when my apartment got broken into in New York City and I was home alone with my sisters and my mom because my dad was working night shifts. My fear then started growing in me when I had to take public transportation to high school alone in a big city like New York. I feared applying to internships in high school and being rejected. I feared working as a teller while being in high school and doing some type of mistake which would imply fraud. I feared taking the SAT's. I feared not getting into colleges which is why I applied to 24 of them..... yes, 24! I feared disappointing my parents because they expected me to go to medical school and become an MD. I feared moving to Upstate, NY and going to college there where I knew nobody! I feared getting into relationships and not succeeding at them. I feared getting into graduate school. I feared going back to New York City and living with my parents because I knew it wouldnt be the same especially after having 4 years of independency in college.

Need I say more? Now, I am living in Georgia and going to Chiropractic school at Life University where I only arrived with a carry- on on July. 06, 2014. Now, I am living with my boyfriend, and my puppy, and soon to graduate with two graduate degrees. How did I manage it all? Well you see, I made fear my best friend. There are days where I like it and other days I don't. Fear has pushed me to be where I am today. In fact, if it weren't for my fears, I wouldn't have pushed myself to have the ability to conquer things in my life nor be where I am today.

What has fear given me? It has given me courage, motivation, endurance, and power. Aren't those some great attributes? Indeed! Fear doesn't necessarily have to be viewed as scary or negative, it is an attribute and feeling that should be embraced and we should gain that friendship with it. Fear has brought you some empowerment and I think everyone should be able to recognize that in order to gain growth!

Want to discuss how to overcome some of your fears? Send me an email and let's CHAT! I would love to walk you through the process of overcoming those fears and making them your best friends!


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