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Beginning With You

f you are like me, you are probably wondering what lies ahead, what do future times look like and what can you do about it? There lies fear in many individuals which is why many people are stressed every day, they are paying less attention to themselves and providing themselves with less care. If you follow me on social media, you'll notice I am a person that loves to travel. I love exploring other horizons and love learning about other people and cultures. It wasn't until recently that I felt so strong about pursuing my dreams and my dream life. When I think about this, I also think about the many people that don't think about this. Many of us as human beings, are already set for following a daily routine. There is no thinking, in fact, it is not needed. You get up, do what you do every morning, and go about your day. You arrive back home, you sleep, wake up and do it all over again. Is that what we call "living?"

I love inspiring people and allowing them to break through their limited beliefs. We have so much life to live for and it is so important for individuals to get out of their daily routine and live their best life. The fear that is created within us is mostly brought upon our minds thinking the worst case scenarios. The fear within us is rooted from previous experiences or teachings that we haven't healed yet, forgiven or have continued to suppress. As human beings, pain is not something we like to give attention to because it is not a feeling we enjoying living through in order to heal. We must be willing to surrender the ego, to our highest self, our higher existence. When we refuse this surrendering, we make the choice to go through painful experiences that are heartbreaking and frustrating until we make the choice to surrender and come into alignment with our highest self.

What is holding you back from living your life? What stops you and your spirit to live in freedom? Are you willing to break loose and do what makes you happy. Are you fearful of not knowing how to start or letting go of what no longer serves you? This is something I have personally experienced and I am so grateful that I did because now, I can help inspire many people like yourself in living and creating their best life possible. Your dreams are obtainable if you really want them. Your dreams wouldn't cross your mind if they weren't possible. Stop living in fear, stop living a life where your beliefs are limited. Everything you set your mind to is achievable and better yet, you have the support you need all around you.

If you feel that this article has resonated with you, I am here to help you! It has been through my practices that I have helped many people overcome some of their hardest challenges. It is through my teachings for which many people have been influenced and I would love nothing more than to work alongside with you. Don't wait for the "right" time. Don't let time or life pass you by. Be the change you wish to see and create the change you wish to inspire and help others with. This is what I call, beginning with you.

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