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Has Your Purpose Remained Consistent Throughout Your Life?

How many of you out there are living with purpose? How many of you are living the way you always dreamed of? How many of you are working the job of your dreams and practicing your calling? It really amazes me to know that there are people living in the world just living a life without any drive, purpose or motivation. Many of these people have a foggy life. Many of them don't know what their purpose is. Many of them don't have any guidance or sense of direction to even begin planning what they would like their life to look like. In fact, if this describes you, you are not alone. In part, it is OK to not know what is going to happen next. That is what we call the journey of life. Through your experiences and years of being in this world, you come to realize that every day helps mold what your future will look like. Every day counts. The problem is that not many people can visualize or define their purpose for their future. It is not about having all the degrees and titles as a form of identity, it is about knowing the meaning of your existence in this world. It is about changing lives and impacting others in ways that they never thought it would be possible.

The way to clearly define your purpose in life includes: 1) looking around you! Do you have a positive or negative influence from the people who surround you? Are you a follower or a leader? What would it take for you to recognize that you are perfect the way you are regardless of anyone else's opinion? It is important to recognize whether those around us are impacting our life in a positive way or whether they are bringing it down. By doing so, you allow yourself permission to set some healthy boundaries so that you are only surrounded with people who want to be better and want to have a better life. You want to make sure that your crowd of people are people with healthy minds who inspire you and who are happy with you. This can be tricky to depict but following your gut is the best way to figure someone out. 2) Are you actually happy doing what you are doing? You could be the President of the world and be miserable having everything you could possibly imagine. It is not about the material things, the titles or degrees you may have or the top ranking position in a job, it is about genuinely being happy. If you had the most minimal in life, would you be happy? Look at all the things in your life that you have wanted and have received, if you were to remove them from your life, would you be content and satisfied? Be careful with reading what I asked-- if you removed all the things you WANTED not NEEDED, would you still be happy? It is interesting to see all the things people do for their happiness. Some people live alone in mansions and are some of the loneliest people.

Some people are never single and always in relationships trying to find their happiness in someone else when they don't even know who they are themselves. Some get into so much debt to replace the feeling of satisfaction. Think about all the gifts and talents you have--- how can you incorporate those into your daily living? Believe it or not, we all have at least ONE gift. The only way to discover it and practice it, is by learning and discovering your inner self. 3) Stop being a chameleon and be authentic wherever you are. Stop trying to be like everyone else because you are not. It is that simple. In fact, if you were like everyone else, you would be pretty boring. Learn about the things that drive your mind into excitement, into creativity and into your own purpose. How you show up to your life every single day is a way of prioritizing yourself and your wishes. If we all walked around with expiration dates, how different would you treat others? Practice forgiveness. Practice gratitude. Practice mindfulness. Whatever you do, remember, if it doesn't make your inner self happy, then take some alone time to come to realization of what your calling is, what makes you excited and hungry for life and once you have formulated a plan of how to get there, do it. This way, you become your own hero, your own inspiration and your own self while living with a consistent and clear purpose.

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