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How Common is Depression?

Today I am taking the time to reflect on why I do the work I do. A lot of times, we want to make sure we have the answers to everything. This can be exhausting, overwhelming and

​time consuming. However, when you seek professionals who love what they do and do their work with a passion and purpose, you come to a realization that you are in good hands. Aside from my motivational and what I hope to be inspiring blogs and posts, I want to inform you all of the facts that support why I do what I do. There are many people out there, including yourself (possibly), who may need help letting their emotions out, letting their thoughts out and who may simply be struggling on how to do so. When our thoughts and emotions consume us, we become someone who we aren't meant to be. Individuals who feel this way get lost and locked in their world and see no way out. This drives many people to the state of depression.

Did you know that depression is one of the most common diseases worldwide? On average, one in five people will experience a depressive episode at some point in their life. In the course of one year, roughly 5% of the world's population is affected by depression. Between different countries, however, the prevalence can vary considerably.

Some risk factors that contribute to the development of depression include:

Gender: women are about twice as likely to suffer from depression as men

Financial Situation: financial worries can increase the risk of depression

Severe strain or stress: intense stress at work and/or difficult relationships can cause depression.

Social Bonds: a lack of secure relationships can increase the risk of depression, for example, after a break up or the loss of a spouse.

Negative Life Experiences: include traumatic events during one's childhood or youth

This awareness has been created with the intention that if you or someone you may know suffers from what you may think is depression, that you would be the person to help guide them to seek help. Don't allow depression to empower you or take over your life or for that matter, anyone else's life. Life is too beautiful for it be gloomy all the time. Be the change you need and be the change others would want to see in you and for you!

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