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Self Care is...

Getting to know yourself. When you're more aware of what you're thinking and feeling, you get better at giving yourself the care you need. You become your biggest ally.

Taking responsibility for creating a healthier and happier life. It's hard work, but it's also highly empowering!

Tailored to you. Whether it's banning phones from the bedroom, getting a full body massage, or taking up tap dancing, you get to decide what self-care looks like.

Getting real. Self-care requires us to look in the mirror and ask, "What's working here, and what's not? then finding the courage to do things differently.

Self-care is not... indulgence. Contrary to the naysayers, it's not fluffy slippers and frivolity. Taking steps to support our health and well-being is a basic necessity if we want to function well in our lives.

.... time-consuming. Even a few minutes of self-care a day can have a positive impact on your life.

.... selfish. Too often our society values the martyr, those who give and give and leave little for themselves. But self-sacrifice can lead to burnout and poor health. Self-care is about bringing some of that love, care, and attention back to yourself.

.... a one-and-done deal. There's a reason we call it a self-care practice. We have to keep practicing, day after day, imperfectly but consistently.

Q: Why is self-care important?

Just like the flight attendant says before take-off: you must put on your own oxygen mask first. If you're always helping others without looking after yourself, eventually you'll run out of puff. With our perpetually busy lives it's easy to neglect our own well-being, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities. But cultivating a self-care practice can help us cope with life's stressors. It can also improve mental and physical health, boost resilience, reduce anxiety and improve relationships.

Self-care means teaching yourself that you matter, one small step at a time. Even if it's only a few minutes of daily self-care, you'll be able to show up in your life from a stronger, happier place.

You are one click away from transforming your life and learning how I can help you customize your self-care techniques. Click below to book a session.

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