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Surrender to What Is

I'm sure you've heard of the old saying, "What you resist, persists." The more you resist what is going on in your life, or judge your situation and believe it should be any other way, the more you will suffer. Want to stop or diminish the suffering? Surrender to your situation. Accept it exactly the way it is. Why should you accept it the way it is? Because it is the way it is. You can fight it, argue it, cry about it, say it isn't fair, and blame others all you want, but none of that changes the situation. Wishing isn't going to change anything. When you resist and fight what "is" in your life, you are adding more pain to your existence. You can choose to resist what is happening (and many people do), or you can choose to accept it and surrender to it. The journey itself and your experience of it will be dramatically different depending on which choice you make.

Imagine yourself swimming in a river, when suddenly you get caught in a powerful current. At that moment you have a choice: you can choose to swim against the current (which no doubt is very tiring, requires a lot of effort, and will probably get you nowhere), or you can choose to float and flow with the current (which is a lot less tiring, and peaceful). I want to clarify that when I use the term surrender, I am not saying "give up." What I am saying is stop the chaos in your mind about the situation. Instead of fighting it, saying it shouldn't be happening or should be different, simply accept the situation exactly the way it is. Accept it. It is happening. It is the way it is.

The simple act of surrendering to what "is" and not wishing it were any other way (which is futile) will dramatically affect the way you experience your current situation. You are in essence choosing the easier path. What you will find as well is that you will begin to gain more mental clarity when you let go of all the clutter, fog, and negativity in your mind that accompanies resistance. This clarity will help you move forward, find solutions to your problem, ad make this experience a lot less painful.

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