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The Power of Patience

If you were to be asked, are you a patient person? What would your response be? What does patience mean? Are you patient with some things and not others? Most importantly, are you patient when it comes to wanting the best of the best in your life? See, with the way society is today, many people tend to be impatient. I say this because society gives off an idea of what life is "supposed" to be like by a certain time, a certain age and a certain life time milestone. Due to this, people begin to compare themselves to others, they begin to feel sad or disappointed and they begin to loose their "patience" with themselves.

When was the last time you were patient on getting into the right relationship for you? When were you last patient in finding the right job for you? When were you last patient in living in the right neighborhood for you? You see, many people rush into making these choices and put themselves in situations for which they haven't even taken the time to think for themselves and their happiness. Is it better to be in any relationship or is it better to be in the RIGHT relationship with the RIGHT person? Is it better to settle for any job or is it better to find the RIGHT job enjoying and loving what you do? Is it better to settle in any neighborhood where you become just another stranger or is it better to live in the RIGHT neighborhood where you and your family are happily living and growing? Often times, these are the questions we do not ask ourselves because we are impatient. We just want it all RIGHT NOW. However, the long term results can sometimes be painful and devastating when we choose to settle in life all because we are being impatient with our life. We don't take the time to believe that we deserve better nor take the time to really sit with ourselves and determine our needs and wants. At that very moment, we are giving society and others the power to choose for us. This is one of many reasons for which people live so unhappily.

It is not a matter of getting out of one relationship and jumping into another. It is not a matter of just doing another 9-5pm job where you wake up everyday dreading it, and it is certainly not a matter of finding any home and living in a neighborhood where perhaps crime rate is so high. It is NOT a matter of settling and being impatient, rather, it is a matter of being patient and believing that YOU DESERVE THE BEST! Yes, you do! You deserve the best because you are worthy. You deserve the best because you are someone of value. You deserve the best because there is no one else out there like YOU! Be patient for all that awaits because you deserve all the greatness in life. You deserve to be with the RIGHT person who will make your heart smile and happy each and every day. You deserve the RIGHT job that allows you to do what you love and rewards you and your family. You deserve the RIGHT home in the RIGHT neighborhood that fits you and your family because you deserve to be happy. You see, the best things in life take time because there is work in progress. Don't be impatient, be PATIENT. There is so much greatness awaiting in your life. Don't force things to happen. Let life unfold itself because when you do, it'll all unfold in YOUR favor!


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