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The Value of Today

Are you like me when it comes to worrying about the future, the finances, health, losing weight, getting a promotion, or worrying about being in the wrong? This is not a fun feeling. But you'll often hear people say to you, "you'll be fine, everything will be okay or you have it all going for you so don't worry.... "

Yes, yes and yes! I have heard countless times these same words of encouragement from many individuals but the truth is that no matter what anyone said, they couldn't take my worry away. I always sought answers in other people, in other successful individuals who were where I wanted to get to and who demonstrated to live a life as I would've liked to.

In any case, this only grew the worry and fear inside of me. What I was forgetting was living my present life at the present moment. What does that even mean? See, often times we wake up with the intention of getting so many things accomplished by the end of the day. Whether that includes work, school, passing exams, meeting sales goals, daily chores, etc., we simply think ahead of that "list" of things we must get done in order to feel accomplished.

But what if I asked you, if you are putting off living in the present in order to worry about the future? Are you someone who embitters the present moment by regretting things that have happened in the past that are over and done with? Do you get up in the morning determined to "seize the day," to get the utmost out of these twenty-four hours?

We tend to overlook the value of today, of this very moment and of this present life that we are living. I would like to invite you all to take a moment to reflect on some of the questions I have discussed and really think about how to live your best life yet. This includes, not worry about tomorrow, whatever payment(s) may be due, what you are going to wear tomorrow for that job or interview you may have, really take a moment to embrace your surroundings at this very moment, the people you are with and the relationship you have with yourself at this very moment.

Are you putting off living in the present in order to worry about the future?

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