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Tomorrow Is Never Promised

Often times we complain about our life or wish that it'd be better than it is now. If only we had __________ we would be happier. We dwell, we cry, we scream, we feel sad and sometimes we feel incompetent. Why? Because we are not satisfied with our life nor what we have, see, feel and/or touch on a daily basis. However, what if you knew that today was the last day of your life? Would you have been satisfied to reach and accomplish all that you have up until today? If not, what would you change? Today, right NOW is the oldest you've ever been, it is the last day of this month in this year. This moment right NOW will never repeat itself again. Knowing that, what are some things that you could've done differently so that you can be at peace, in happiness and in fulfillment of your life? Whatever that change is, you have the opportunity to act upon it right NOW because tomorrow is never promised.

Life can change in a moment, within a blink of an eye. It could change for better or for worse. This is why in life, you should take risks. You should dare to love, you should dare to act upon what makes you happy and you should also dare to let go of what no longer serves you in your life. If you aren't doing what you love, be sure to do it starting TODAY. If you are looking for love, STOP, because the right person will find you at the right time. The only love you should focus on TODAY is the love you have for yourself because you will always be your own life partner regardless of who else becomes part of your life. If you have loved and are perhaps trying to get over a break up, remember that it is time to shift that focus towards YOU. If you loved him/her, then realize that for as long as they are happy, that is what should make you feel happier. Life is too short.

It is important to honor yourself TODAY and everyday for that matter because you only have this one life to live. If you don't live it up for yourself, someone else will. You will live in the shadows of your soul and that will cause nothing but pain and solitude. Decide TODAY to make the best day possible for no one else but for yourself. Remember, tomorrow is never promised, so whatever you may have left to do for tomorrow, do it TODAY! If you don't act upon your needs and wants, and rather leave everything for a "tomorrow," you will never live in freedom or in happiness for that matter. Decide to start living your life in the NOW. When you do, you will realize just how complete you are in your life and how valuable you are as a human being. There is no one else out there like YOU. Don't let a day go by where you don't say an "I love you" to those near and dear to your heart! You are made out of love, joy, happiness and abundance. So with that said, make TODAY the best day of your life!


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