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We have complete access to joy and purpose right now.

What is stopping you from living your best life possible? Finances? Work? Family? Perhaps it is feeling heartbroken, lost or confused? In some way, many of us have experienced one or the other. Personally, I have experienced all of the above! At different stages in my life I felt all the above mentioned feelings and emotions. There were moments where it was so hard to seek the positive in all the negative moments. Often times I would find myself asking questions like, what is my purpose? Why am I doing what I am doing? It was hard to really find who I was in dark moments simply because I was choosing to not want to see all my greatness and my shining light. Little did I know that every one of those dark moments that I lived through, was a dark tunnel that led me to a light which allowed for me to exit the dark tunnel I was in.

Many of us don't really know what we have access to in our lives. Whether it is finding a new job if you are unhappy, traveling if you are feeling lost, or perhaps it means having access to communicating with people who you may have to reach out simply because a relationship got destroyed and you chose to stay mad. What if you knew that you have access to peace, forgiveness, love and happiness? What if you knew you had access to growing your finances and paying off all your bills? What if you knew that you had all that it takes to live in joy and in purpose with what you are supposed to be doing? You see, we wake up and do the same routine over and over again that we often times take things for granted. How many of you keep looking at the clock to see if it is time for a break or maybe if it's lunch time to help the day go by faster? How many of you can't wait for it to be a certain time for you to be able to clock out? How many of you just want to race home, avoid the world and sit in your couch and binge eat? Been there, done that! The reality of it all is that every passing minute, we have access to making the choices that are either good for us or bad for us. If for a moment we changed perspective and really took the time to embrace every passing minute regardless of your bad mood or ugly past, you would realize that every passing minute in your life is a better minute than the one before. Why? Simply because you have made a choice to access the inner happiness in you, the inner strength in you and the inner power in you.

Stop allowing others to have access over your super powers and remember that everything you do every single moment of your life will only do one of two things: either allow you more access to your personal growth OR limit and/or block your personal growth. You have access over choosing which path you want to pursue. It is never too late to change paths. Your life and your journey matter. Your presence in this world matters. Begin to make a difference while accessing the right things in your life.

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