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About Me

Dr. Cortes, founder of Beginning With You, is a native of New York City who relocated to the state of Georgia to pursue her graduate studies. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Le Moyne College, completed Post-Graduate Courses at New York University, completed her Master's Degree from Life University and completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. She was featured on Faces of Life University, has published articles for MindBodyGreen and has completed The Science of Well-Being at Yale University. 


Dr. Cortes is now serving clients worldwide. She has traveled to over 10 countries for which have helped her gain more exposure to different ethnicities, cultures and communities. She has done a multitude of jobs that have allowed her to learn what it is like to start from the bottom and get to the top. Dr. Cortes is a Doctor and life-coach that enjoys connecting with her clients. She spends the time necessary to ensure her clients are well taken care of and are provided with the best tools that will allow them to improve their lifestyle. ​

Dr. Cortes wants to reach the heart of millions. Helping and impacting lives around the world has been one of her many passions. Through hours and certifications of training, through facing some of life's biggest challenges, through working with clients and patients, Dr. Cortes continues to impact her community with her life coaching skills set. She is here to help you and millions of others who are not living to their fullest potential. Join her on a customized journey of transformation especially designed for you that will help you become the person you never thought you could! 




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