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3 Ways to Relax and Ease Your Mind

You have probably heard of every way you can relax, ease tension and let stress flow away. Although there are many strategies and techniques you can adapt into your daily routine, I would like to share with you what has worked for me so that perhaps it can help you!

Here are my top 3 techniques and strategies that can help you relax and ease your mind.

1. Dimming the lights in your area of comfort (ex: living room, bedroom, dining room); sitting up straight, eyes closed and really taking 3 minutes to think of everything you are grateful for. This can help your mindset to create and manifest abundance in your life!

2. Pick up a book and read for the first 20 minutes you are awake. Since incorporating this, I have developed a desire to read more, developed a sense of awareness and have come to developing clear intentions for every day I get to wake up to. This can help you see your life differently, make you eager to show up to life's every day challenges and can help you synchronize with your heart's desires.

3. Warm baths and showers in the morning are a way to honor your body and prepare it for the day! If it means, getting up a little earlier, I am certain that you won't regret taking that extra time of your morning routine for your warm bath or shower. This will also help you transition into your every day activities. This alone can help you relax your muscles, neck and back tension and most importantly can give you that morning peace before starting your day!

I am so excited for you to slowly begin integrating new ways and techniques for which you can greatly benefit from! It takes practice, discipline and habitual changes for you to begin noticing changes in your mind and body. Begin now and make it a priority to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

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