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Are Your Stuck in Overdrive?

I have always described myself as someone who is non-stop, on the go (all the time), and is always working on what is next to come. But, even when I have tried to slow down, my body and mind are racing ahead of where I would like to be. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Some of my clients have resonated with me and have inquired with me about this topic. This is why I am sharing with you some signs that may indicate that you may be stuck in overdrive.

You have intense food cravings.

We often crave sweet-salty foods when we're in adrenal overdrive because they provide energy and replenish our systems. When our stress lessens, cravings usually do, too.

You feel judgemental and picky.

When we're in survival mode, we naturally scan our surroundings for danger, and a "negativity bias" prevents us from missing any potential threats. Yet when we see only what's wrong with everyone and everything, it can make us unpleasant and miserable-- even more stressed.

You're waking up tired.

If you go to bed at a decent hour but wake up feeling like you haven't slept at all, this is a sign that your cortisol is not rising in the morning as it should. This can happen when your adrenals have stopped producing enough of the hormone.

You've gained belly fat.

The weight we gain around our midsections is often a signal that we're experiencing a cortisol overload.

There you have it! If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, it is important to take some time to reflect on what lifestyle changes you can make to address the care for you and your body. Whether it is factoring more exercising, meditating, journaling, or seeking help with a counselor or life coach, you must invest in yourself so that your body and mind reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A happy and healthier lifestyle can lead to life longevity.

Wanting to make a step in the right direction? Perhaps life-coaching can help! Book your session today-- taking a step forward is better than taking a step backward!

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