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Combatting Stress and Anxiety

Most of us feel stressed at some point during our lives and the truth is that it's a natural reaction to the challenges of everyday life. Surprisingly, some stress can even be beneficial to us, by pushing us to get through normal tricky situations, such as meeting a deadline or passing an exam. But more and more of us are experiencing serious stress regularly, which can stop us from enjoying life and affect our health, too.

The symptoms of long-term stress can include everything from tiredness and low mood to headaches and disturbed sleep and, with almost 75% of us having felt so stressed we've been overwhelmed or unable to cope, it's a common problem. Stress can contribute to many illnesses, so it's essential to learn how to control it. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to tackle stress (but if you feel that it's becoming too much of a struggle, it's essential to talk to your doctor for additional help and advice).

At Beginning With You, you will learn simple and effective tips to help you combat stress and anxiety. You will learn how to understand your stress triggers, how to de-stress your life, and how to best cope in moments when stress does strike. It's important to take time out to de-stress-- even if it's just a short break every day. Coping with stress and reducing it are life skills that you can learn through our services. Making just a few of these changes will have a positive impact on your stress levels right away, and with further work, you can make even greater progress and de-stress your life one tip at a time.

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