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Essential Sources to Reduce Fear and Boost Vitality

As this year comes to an end, many people are walking around feeling anxious with the holiday season being here. Stress, anxiety, depression, etc. can compromise our health and it can deteriorate our well-being. Below are some tips for which I love re-directing my clients and patients for them to live a healthier lifestyle.

Breath: If you are feeling anxious, take note of your breath. If it's shallow, take several slow, deep breaths, filling your diaphragm, to nourish the organs, muscles, tissues, and cells with oxygen. Breathe through your nose instead of your mouth to oxygenate the brain.

Did you know that poor breathing techniques block energy? In fact, fearful breathing is often shallow and constricted. As a result, cells experience oxygen deprivation and send out panic signals that feel like discomfort, anxiety, dread, fatigue, or helplessness--contributing to more fear. A chronically low supply of oxygen also weakens the immune system and depresses circulation in the brain. It can also contribute to the onset of cancer and heart disease.

Water: Regularly replenish the water in your body. Sip about half your body weight in ounces of water daily at separate intervals, even if you aren't thirsty. Waiting until you're thirsty to drink means you're already parched. After you drink caffeinated beverages (which dehydrates the body), exercise, or eat a lot of protein, you'll need the additional water.

Did you know that poor hydration blocks energy as well? Chronic dehydration breaks down cell structure, impairs the flow of nutrients, causes free-radical damage and chronic fatigue, and disrupts the flow of hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. It also creates "cell panic," sending the body into water-emergency mode--siphoning water from eyes and joints and rerouting it to support vital organs.

Nature: Spend 10 minutes lying in the grass looking at the sky, taking a walk in the park, or visiting a body of water. The act of gardening is really helpful-- as is placing a favorite potted plant in your office. Just listening to nature's sounds can also be rejuvenating. Make a point of vacationing in deeper nature whenever possible.

Did you know that disconnecting from the life right outside our door blocks energy? Research has noted that hospital patients who get even a glimpse of nature through a window will heal faster than those who don't. The energy we derive from our environment is polluted or otherwise degraded, leading to toxic stress and illness.

Relationships: Spend time with people you enjoy and respect. Instead of accepting relationships brimming with fear-based qualities like possessiveness or insecurity, focus on developing sustainable, supportive connections based on kindness, presence, and love.

Did you know that insufficiently healthy contact with other human beings blocks energy? Multiple scientific studies have shown that the lack of relationships-- a form of disconnection related to the fearful self, contributes to anxiety, depression, stress, cancer, heart disease, and substance abuse.

Altruism: Recognize that serving others has a positive biological and psychological effect on you. Experiment with committing random (or more deliberate) acts of kindness at every opportunity.

Did you know that focusing on only ourselves blocks energy? Giving time and energy to others releases fear and awakens the sustainable self.

Thank you for visiting today! For more information, book a 1:1 session from the comfort of your home, and let's create your healthy path to living a healthier lifestyle!

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