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Reclaiming Your Energy

Fatigue is a common complaint these days. Whether we're experiencing sleeplessness, anxiety, excessive stress, or a low-grade case of the blues, we usually try to treat these issues one at a time, often pharmaceutically. However, chronic stress, apathy, anxiety, insomnia, and depression-- and a general lack of energy and vitality are all symptoms of a deeper issue: fear. And there is no pill for that. We all know from our own personal experience that fear makes our bodies, minds, and energy contract. While it's a natural response to stress, emotional shock, emergencies, and danger, many of us aren't able to shift out of fear, so it becomes a chronic condition. Even if our fears are minor, they force us to retreat and disconnect. Some would say that there is only one disease-- the disease of disconnection and the ultimate disconnector is fear. However, there are simple ways to transform the chaos and depletion of a fear-driven existence into a more vibrant, happy, energy-filled life. And some are as easy as taking a deep breath.

Attitude is Everything.

Exercise, proper nutrition, meditation, and spending time in nature are a few of the things we can do to feel more energized. But attitude is where it all begins. To achieve better health and energy, we must release fear. Here is a four-step process that helps us shift from the anxiety-ridden self to a state of deep awareness of our connection to everything else. From there, we can move toward a stronger, calmer "sustainable self."

  1. Stop. Pay attention to what you are feeling and observing. When you unplug from the energy-depleting treadmill of fear, you may notice calmness.

  2. Check-in with your body. Your body is constantly communicating its changing needs, but it's easy to ignore that when you're caught up in tasks and concerns. If your body hasn't had enough food, water, sleep, it gets anxious. There's no sense moving on to a healthful activity unless you've taken care of your body's needs first.

  3. Relax Your Mind. Sit outdoors, play good music, whatever works. Then try to observe your thoughts instead of being driven by them. Each time you calmly notice and release a thought or fear in your somatic awareness, you seal a vital energy leak and deepen your connection to your self.

  4. Plug into the web of life. Being relaxed in body and mind allows you to connect with the world around you. This decreases fear and constriction and helps you receive energy in every cell of your body.

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