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Seeking Strength Within You

Has it ever occurred to you that there are so many people in today's world that battle with seeking the strength within them and applying it to their life? It's true. How many times in life have we had to face something challenging or difficult where we've had to turn to ourselves to face it and find the right words to say? Finding strength isn't something that comes easy to many people unless you have been trained to be no other way but "strong" and fight feeling emotions. Finding strength is a form of inner work that requires for us to really turn to ourselves for answers, guidance and inner peace. Over the years, I have heard clients express that they just don't know how to leave their 9-5 job which they hate so much. They don't know how to tell their bosses or spouses without disappointing them that they simply want to quit and find something better. I get it, it's not always easy-- especially if you have obligations that need to be met such as a mortgage, car payment, etc. But if you just take a moment to really sit back and think, it's not about not knowing what to say or how to say it, it is choosing to give others power over you and your decision making. Which in turn, we know is not good or healthy.

We hate it when people tell us what to do... don't we? What if we were to spend time with ourselves to the point where nothing made us afraid? What if we were so confident in ourselves that instead of consulting other people for advice, we were able to give ourselves our own answers and actually listened to them as needed. What if we weren't afraid to act upon our feelings and emotions for as long as it puts ourselves first? What would that look like? Well if you ask me, I think that it would look like a world full of happy, confident and self-reliant individuals who knew exactly what they wanted in life without caring what others would say or think. Ultimately, that strength is within us, those right words to say are within us-- but yet, what we really need to spend some time on is focusing on how to really be in tune with our strength, feelings and emotions. When in tune, we listen closely to our inner guidance which can lead us to act upon our heart's truest desires.

So whether it is that toxic relationship you are in or that job you are wanting to quit, spend some time tuning in to your feelings, listening to your heart, but most importantly, act upon the strength within you. Why? Because the ultimate outcome will always be your happiness, your security and your confidence. You build your empire with strength, not weakness. Allow yourself to feel, listen and be in tune with your inner wisdom and strength so that you may face every day with a positive and stronger vision for a bigger and better you! You weren't meant for little things in life. You were meant to overcome any of life's challenges and of course, evolve into the best version of yourself, for yourself!

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