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Social Barriers

Social barriers usually have to do with how you feel about yourself. Those who have a difficult time in social situations traditionally have feelings of low self-esteem. They just do not feel confident with others and go out of their way to avoid situations that make them uncomfortable. Obviously, if you want to advance in life you have to be willing to place yourself in situations that further your advancement. So the more comfortable you become in social situations, the more you increase your opportunities to overcome your life barriers. How do you get more confident and improve your level of self-esteem? Simple: You dedicate yourself to doing so and work on your confidence level on a daily basis. A good place to start is with eye contact. People with low self esteem usually have a difficult time establishing and holding eye contact with anyone they feel intimidated by. So decide to get uncomfortable and start looking in the eyes of whomever you are speaking with and maintain eye contact until the conversation is over. Sure, it's uncomfortable; that's the idea-- to get intentionally uncomfortable until we overcome our obstacle. Discomfort is good; it's how we grow as people, and the more you are willing to get uncomfortable, the greater your human potential. It's also a good idea to hit the bookstore shelves. The self-improvement section is full of books on how you can improve your self-esteem and the condition of your life. The better you think about yourself, the more barriers you will bust. Remember, you can only create a life up to your level of self-worth. The more you like you, the more your life improves.

Your mission, once you have identified your personal barriers, is to dedicate yourself to overcoming them on a daily basis. The more you change yourself, the more you change your life. Make yourself the very best person you can be, and you start losing the negative and limiting beliefs of your past. And the more you let go of the past, the more you enjoy your future. In life, you get what you deserve. You earn the right to deserve more when you increase your personal self-worth. Remember, it's okay to have barriers; it's just not okay to use them as the excuse that explain the condition of your life. As you make yourself better and begin to move beyond your barriers, you will literally shed negative mental energy as you go. Shedding negative energy and becoming a more positive and uplifting person requires a tremendous amount of personal discipline. You must be extremely aware of your thoughts, because negative mental thoughts can and will diminish your personal power. To shed negative energy, imagine each day you have to take out your mental garbage. Visualize a large garbage can and each time you have a limiting or negative thought you take that thought and put it in the can. Then, at the end of each day, take out your garbage. The object of this exercise is to keep you conscious about your thoughts and eventually have days with only positive, uplifting and limitless thoughts and emotions. Imagine an empty garbage can at the end of each day and how much better your life would be without negativity and limitation.

I believe that every person comes equipped with the innate ability to excel in at least one area of life. Finding your area of personal greatness and maximizing your talents is the key to busting your barriers. Unleashing your natural gifts requires that you get in touch with those things in life that you are passionate about. People who are passionate about improving their lives and the lives of others win. For only after you have discovered your true gift can you create a life strategy that will allow you to overcome all of your barriers.

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