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Spending Time Alone Allows for Growth?

Being the oldest of three siblings, it was hard for me to find time for myself. I was always surrounded by my siblings or parents or for that matter, anyone else that was visiting my home. Home is where I spent most of my time as a child because I was not allowed to go out unless I brought along one of my sisters. It was hard finding "me time" then, and now, as I look back, I realize that I have been deprived from my alone time which to me is so important! When I spend time alone, is when I often reflect on everything in my life. This consists of my academics, friendships, relationships, family, and my goals and values. I edit, I change things around and put things into perspective so that I can live a happy life.

Life keeps on going and sometimes, we are faced with stepping stones and for most of us, because we don't like feeling emotions, we "move on." We don't take the time to reflect, or think about how we can improve our daily life. We can always find excuses for which we cannot have down time. At least I can. I can name a list as to why I don't spend enough alone time but in all, at the end of the night before I prepare to go to bed, I feel the tension in my body, in my shoulders and overall in my head. Why is this when I have had such a great day? Why is this when I am exercising?

The reason is, I am not releasing the tension and stress that my body is feeling and instead, I decide to suppress it and act as if it is all well. When will it be enough? When will you start putting yourself first and standing up for your happiness? When will you choose to be emotionally healthy? Becoming your own best friend and getting to know YOU is the best thing you can do. I have had to go through some challenging lessons in life in order for me to be here blogging and sharing this message with you! You are enough and have everything in your power to be the best version of yourself!

Dedicate each and everyday, at least 15min to yourself and preferably with nature. Allow yourself to not think, if you feel that thoughts are racing in your head, let them go and say to yourself, "NOT NOW." Breathe and allow yourself to feel oxygen in every part of your body! We are born to change the world. However, you cannot do that without creating the change in yourself!

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