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What Actions or Habits Feel Deeply Meaningful to You?

Many people have a daily routine that often does not include habits or actions for which they find meaningful. The reality is that many people are always preoccupied doing something else. Whether it is working, caring for the kids or simply letting stress take over and allowing the mind to be preoccupied with worry, stress and/or fear, finding some actions and daily habits that are meaningful to you, can help you create a lifestyle change. For example, some of my patients found meditating and practicing yoga meaningful to them. Others found daily writing and sharing their voice to connect with their inner wisdom as a form of a gift ready to unfold every day. Some found that drinking tea with a loved one allowed them to bring joy into their life. Others found that going back to bed in the middle of the day if need be was meaningful to them because it allowed them to listen closely to their bodies.

Whatever actions or habits you are looking to develop in this new year, I would like to invite you to really find it within yourself to listen closely to your deepest desires. Don't procrastinate the act to self love and the act to self care. These two acts are fundamental to the development of the self. In fact, by setting actions and habits that are meaningful to you, you are not only listening to your true desires but you are putting yourself first and allowing yourself to really dive in serenity and peace. In today's world, many have the trouble of finding the peace and quite of their minds. Many of us are continuously walking around full of worry, stress and with fear of the unknown. Some of us create our own anxiety by planning outcomes of situations that haven't yet happened. However, finding actions and habits that are meaningful to you and applying them to your life on a daily basis will help you grow, ground yourself and enrich yourself in your own personal life.

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