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Winning the Blame Game

When it comes to letting go of your "crazies," there is no substitute for taking responsibility for your own life. Regardless of who or what created your present set of circumstances, from this moment on you get to determine your own destiny. And while accepting that fact is liberating, the feeling and knowledge that you are now responsible for your future can be both exciting and frightening. On the one hand, you have the ultimate freedom to imagine any future you desire, and on the other hand you realize that the instant you take responsibility for your life, the blame game must come to an end. It's all up to you.

The blame game is our way of assigning the condition of our lives to outside forces. When an aspect of our lives doesn't live up to our expectations or the expectations of others, we look for other people or life's situations that will perfectly explain why we are how we are. Rather than take responsibility for our own life, it's just easier and a lot less painful to find someone or something else to blame for what we haven't yet accomplished in our lives than to take total and complete responsibility. The blame game is an ego defense mechanism that we employ to keep us feeling good about ourselves, as we perfectly justify and defend our present place in life. The blame game has nothing to do with our life accomplishments; rather the blame game is played to explain the areas where we have fallen short of our expectations.

At one time or another, each of us has blamed others for the condition of our lives, and it always seems to make perfect sense to us. It doesn't make a difference how you got your bunch of crazies or who gave them to you. Always remember that most people proceed through life with an agenda. So how you got to this place in your life may have to do with the influence of others, regardless of how you got your crazies, it's your bunch and its time you took responsibility for them. With the exception of the people who take responsibility for their lives, every person I have met who didn't have a perfect life did have a perfect explanation as to why his/her life wasn't perfect; it's their story. Defending the status quo and past is always easy to do; building a better future requires determination, dedication, and courage. If you are committed to busting your personal and professional barriers, the blame game must come to an end right now. It's time to face reality, and reality for most of us is that our parents, teachers, and preachers did the very best they could. Nobody has the perfect childhood or life, and each of us has been saddled with different physical, mental, and emotional challenges to overcome if we want to achieve greatness in our lives.

In order for you to let go of your crazies and overcome your personal obstacles, you have to improve the quality of your choices in life. You can either remain stuck, blaming your past for limiting your future, or you can make the touch decision to accept total and complete responsibility for the rest of your life. By giving up the blame game and going positively forward regardless of your past, you have actively taken responsibility for your future. A successful life is nothing more than a series of successful choices. The more you focus on the quality of your thoughts, the better life becomes for you. The choice is yours to make. Choose wisely.

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