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Mission Statement

Beginning With You is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating sustainable projects to improve the quality of life for vulnerable children internationally.


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Current Events

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Past Events

Get Uncorked for Kurasini

"Get Uncorked for Kurasini," a charity dinner and silent auction, was held on April 11, 2008 at Spirit Knob Winery in Ursa, Illinois. $6000 was raised to help the children of Kurasini.

Bake Sale

Bake Sale in March 2008 at Loyola University Chicago, hosted by The Global Health Campaign of Loyola University Chicago

2nd Annual Guest Bartending at Irish Eyes

Our 2nd annual guest bartending event was held at Irish Eyes in March 2008. This event was hosted by the Loyola Law School Student Bar Association and raised $600!

1st Annual Guest Bartending at Irish Eyes

Our first annual guest bartending event was held in April 2007 at Irish Eyes in Chicago, where we raised $700 thanks to the generous tips.


Kurasini Children's Home

Kurasini is the only government run orphanage in the country of Tanzania. Kurasini houses over 100 children, which greatly exceeds its capacity. The workers at Kurasini are extremely dedicated to the children, but are limited by the scarce resources of a developing country. Kurasini only receives approximately $4500 USD from the Tanzanian government to cover all of the children's expenses for the year. Due to the limited funding, the children receive ugali ( i.e., porridge), meat once a week, and no fruits or vegetables. The buildings that the children sleep in are falling down, and the children often have to air out their "beds," as they get rained on during the rainy season. Kurasini is trying to gain funding for projects that will help it become more self-sufficient.

The home started in 1966 and was known as Tanganyika Children Society, purposely to take care of orphaned babies. In 1968 it was officially registered by the government as Kurasini National Children's Home according to the National Children's Home Regulation Act 4a which was passed by the parliament in 1968. Currently, the main objective of Kurasini is to provide care, support and protection to orphans and other vulnerable children. Kurasini currently cares for orphans, children from poor families, children with parents in prison, children with parents who are mentally ill or have long-term illnesss, and children who have been neglected, abandoned, or abused.

1) 2000 chickens. The cost for purchasing and caring for each chicken is approx. $1.25 each.
2) Extensions for the cows house and fencing
3) Help with the children's educational expenses. The cost per children per year is:
Kindergarten, 20 children, $100 each
Primary school, 40 children, $200 each
Secondary school, 20 children, $300 each

1) A vegetable garden, including a water tank, gardening tools, and fencing to protect the garden
2) 3 dairy cows
3) A new water pump and water tanks after the children's home lost its water supply
4) New roofing for the chicken coop

Pictures of some of the things we were able to provide
Photobucket Kurasini's new water pump
Photobucket The new dairy cows
Photobucket The area for the new garden

How to Support Beginning With You


  • Your donations to Beginning With You will be used to buy dairy cows, build a garden, and buy chickens to help improve the nutrition of the children at Kurasini. A portion of the donations may also be used to provide the children with educational supplies. The distribution of donations is at the discretion of Beginning With You and all donations will be used for tax exempt purposes.
    Beginning With You is a 501(c)(3) located in Illinois. All donations to Beginning With You are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Mail checks to:
    Beginning With You
    c/o Jessica Snowden
    6435 North Newgard, 1S
    Chicago, IL 60626
  • Checks should be made payable to Beginning With You. A receipt will be mailed to you.
  • Donate Online

    Click here to donate securly online via bank account or credit card.
  • Do you want to help children in need as part of your big event? Click here to collect donations for Beginning With You as part of you bridal, baby, or other registry. Felicite.com Donation - Beginning With You
  • Use donation street for your online shopping at popular stores and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Beginning With You. Coupons
  • Shop at your favorite stores (e.g., www.ebay.com, www.bestbuy.com and over 600 others), pay the regular price, and Beginning With You gets a percentage of your sales! Just make sure to search for Beginning With You and choose it as your cause. Download the www.igive.com shopping reminder tool and never forget have a percentage of your sales go to Beginning With You.
  • Instead of using google, search online using www.goodsearch.com (powered by yahoo). Before searching, select Beginning With You are your charity. We will receive $.01 per search and it costs you nothing. If only 200 people used goodsearch once a day, we would earn $730 per year (that's one cow for Kurasini!). GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

The BWY Necklace

  • beginning with you necklace
  • The Beginning With You Necklace, created by Diana Warner Studio (www.dianawarnerstudio.com), is a delicate gold-plated or silver rectangle suspended from double chains, 16" in total length. Available in mixed metal combinations: gold-, rose gold-, sterling silver-, or gunmetal- plated chains (see all combinations below). Each necklace is $62.00 and all profits will go directly to the children of Kurasini Children's Home. Currently, each necklace purchased will provide Kurasini with 20 chickens. Quantities are limited. FREE holiday shipping is now available!
  • Metal Types

The children of Kurasini

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General inquiries

If you would like information on how to get involved in our organization, please email Jessica.Snowden@beginningwithyou.org.

Board of directors

Jessica Snowden, President
Alok Patel, Vice President
Kelly Scott, Secretary
Avni Patel
Purvi Patel
Eric Snowden