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What is the bravest thing that following your dreams has led you to do?

When I asked my clients, "what is the bravest thing that following your dreams has led you to do," some answered, "I became my own best friend." Others responded "I quit my job to become a deep sea diver, etc." It is fascinating to know that many of my clients live in freedom from their limiting beliefs. Growing up, I was always nervous and scared to do big things like moving away for college or telling my parents that I was dating someone who I thought would be the "man of my dreams and live a happily ever after...". Of course I was young and naive, I did not take risks while being young because everything had to be approved by Mom and Dad. As I got older, in fact not too long ago, I moved to Atlanta, GA with just a carry on bag not knowing a single soul simply to pursue my grad school career. By far, that what the bravest thing that following my dreams led me to do. I remember getting to Atlanta, picking up a rental car from the airport (all by myself) and driving myself to Marietta, GA. I look back to that time and think to myself, wow, I was so brave!

There are many people today living behind their own personal walls filled with fear, worry and anxiety because they are afraid their dreams may be unreachable. They are the people that keep on wishing while still working hard in hopes that their dreams will one day come true. The reality of it all is that, a dream will not simply land in your hands by chance. In order for a dream to become your reality, you must declare it. Once you have declared it and are certain with what your dreams have always been, you have to envision yourself living in that dream. By doing so, you give your dream power and energy. If you continuously envision yourself in your dream(s) on a daily basis, you begin manifesting for your dream(s) to become a reality. That is when things in your life and in your world begin to change for YOU. Why? Because the more you continue to manifest your dreams on a daily basis, the more you change and transform your life to be one such that your dream(s) become a reality.

I cannot begin to tell you how much your life can change if you just begin wishing for the best to become alive and true in your life. Not only do you change your circumstances or emotions, but you begin to transform on all levels, mentally, physically and emotionally. Train your mind and thinking caps to believe that your dream(s) can become your reality. Wish it, work towards it and live it. It all begins with one heart full of desire and dreams!

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